Books by The F. M. Duffy Group Founder and President
Francis (Frank) M. Duffy, Ph. D.

Dr. Duffy is also the founding Series Editor for a new Series on Leading Systemic School Improvement published by Rowman & Littlefield Education.

Dream! Create! Sustain!

Dream! Create! Sustain!

Mastering the Art and Science of Transforming School Systems

Francis M. Duffy


Rowman & Littlefield Education

Dream! Create! Sustain!, an award-winning book, is written for courageous, passionate, and visionary change leaders working in school systems throughout the world. It provides those change leaders with essential concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics for how to create and sustain whole-system change in their school systems. The information provided by Duffy is based on years of research on and real-world experience with systemic change, learning organizations, systems thinking, and organization-wide change. This book includes a description of a transformational change methodology and set of tools specifically designed to create and sustain whole-system change.

Strategic Communication During Whole System Change

Strategic Communication During Whole System Change:

Advice and Guidance for School District Leaders and PR Specialists

Francis M. Duffy and Patti L. Chance


Rowman & Littlefield Education

Times of great change in school districts require strategic communication with internal and external stakeholders including the use of school public relations tools and techniques. Strategic Communication During Whole System Change provides theoretical and practical advice and guidance to district-based change leaders and school public relations specialists on how they can support their district's transformation journey by engaging in strategic communication. The book also provides guidance on how to make simultaneous fundamental changes in three key sets (or change paths) of organizational variables that affect a school system's overall performance: Path 1-a district's relationship with stakeholders in the external environment; Path 2- a district's core and supporting work processes; and Path 3- a district's internal social infrastructure. A collection of essays written by school public relations practitioners and other change leaders who share their views is also included.

Power, Politics and Ethics

Power, Politics and Ethics:

Dynamic Leadership for Systemic Change

Francis M. Duffy


Rowman & Littlefield Education

This book is about using power and political behavior in positive ways to lead systemic school improvement. One section of the book will have essays by prominent authors each writing about their personal perspectives on the ethical use of power and political behavior to lead change.

Moving Upward Together

Moving Upward Together:

Creating Strategic Alignment to Sustain Systemic School Improvement

Francis M. Duffy


Rowman & Littlefield Education

This book presents an in-depth description of how to create strategic alignment to sustain change in school systems. Part 1 provides information that serves as a foundation for strategic alignment. Part 2 presents a methodology for transforming school systems (first redesign, then align). Part 3 describes strategic alignment and how to create it.

Courage, Passion, and Vision

Courage, Passion, and Vision:

A Guide to Leading Systemic School Improvement

Francis M. Duffy


Rowman & Littlefield Education

This book describes the significant challenges of leading whole-system improvement in school districts while offering practical, theoretical, and philosophical perspectives. Three real-life superintendents and two education leaders share their views on the courage, passion, and vision needed to lead district-wide change through essays that supplement the perspectives. Readers will benefit from this publication by learning what it takes to be an effective change-leader and by discovering an innovative methodology and a set of tools for producing and sustaining systemic school improvement. Written for aspiring and practicing superintendents, school board members, and policymakers who have an interest in whole-district improvement and what it takes to create and sustain it.



An Innovative Approach to Managing and Rewarding Performance in School Systems

Francis M. Duffy


Rowman & Littlefield Education

This book answers two basic questions for educational practitioners. The first is how educators may re-design an entire school system to perform at the highest optimum levels. The second -- and no less important -- is what exactly educational administrators may do not only to manage, but also to reward the performance that sustains those very improvements. This book should be of interest to the K-12 administrator, the teacher and school board member, the consultant, professors teaching topical courses, or any layperson interested in the issue of school improvement.

Creating Successful School Systems

Creating Successful School Systems:

Voices from the University, the Field, and the Community

Francis M. Duffy and Jack D. Dale, Editors


Christopher-Gordon Publishers

This edited volume looks at the problem of redesigning school systems to meet the demands of the 21st century and beyond. Margaret Wheatley and Edward Pajak, among others, address critical questions of how schools as organizations should respond to increasingly complex societal needs.

Redesigning America's Schools

Redesigning America's Schools:

A Systems Approach to Improvement

Francis M. Duffy, Lynda G. Rogerson, and Charles (Buzz) Blick


Christopher-Gordon Publishers

Presented in this new resource is a unique, first-of-its-kind, highly innovative approach to improving entire school systems. Called Knowledge Work Supervision (KWS), this approach, say the authors, has the potential to become an effective model for improving entire school systems. Here's why. Knowledge Work Supervision gives today's school leaders a systemic, strategic approach for improving entire school districts ... not just pieces of them. In this book the authors tell you what KWS is and how it works, and they show you how to apply KWS to your own school situation to make simultaneous improvement in three key areas: your school system's core knowledge work process, its social architecture, and its environmental relations. Using the KWS approach, you focus the people toward a participative design.

Designing High Performance Schools

Designing High Performance Schools:

A Practical Guide to Organizational Reengineering

Francis M. Duffy


St. Lucie Press

If you are a school practitioner or a consultant working with schools, here is the most practical, step-by-step guidance available on how to plan, conduct, and evaluate a comprehensive and complex restructuring. Using a model derived from the fields of socio-technical systems design, business process reengineering, knowledge work, quality improvement, and organization development, this book lays out every aspect needed for restructuring.